Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Self Interest Information

Activities I like and dislike doing alone, with my family or friends

Activities I like to do alone

I like to exercise 

I like doing homework and studing
I love reading
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I like to cook

I like listening to music

Activities I dislike alone

I don't like to watch soccer 
I do not like to be sick
I do not like ironing the clothes
I do not like being sad

    I like to do activities with my family                      

I like to go biking
I like clean house

I like picnicking with family
 I love going to the beach

I like to watch TV together

I like to eat together

                   I dislike with my family

I dislike quarrel
I do not want to be tired




Activities I like with my friends

I like the karaoke
I like the dancing with my friends

I'm going to the movies with my friends
I celebrate my birthday

I like to go for a walk with my friends



  I dislike with mys friends

I do not like the drink
I do not like smoking cigarettes


Sunday, April 10, 2016

My daily routine.

This is a picture of my daily routine

I am a mother a wife, a housewife and student.
My son live in Colombia
 We talk on the phone and Skype every day


I get up from 7:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m. every day
Take a shower
Get dressed

My breakfast milk and cereal

I clean the apartment                                  
I'm doing laundry

I like to cook

I go to the supermarket almost every day

I do the tasks of the University
Food with my husband


We see TV on the sofa bed
We talk and go to sleep

Sometimes the days are different, I go shopping, going to the movies alone.
My husband works twelve hours a day.
Rests every eight days, three days ...
when you listen to music free, let's movies, play cards, let's walk.

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What is my house like?

This is my apartment

The door is open.
The apartment is beautiful.
It is small and comfortable .
The number is 502 .
My cat is out .
The window is open and has brown curtain .
My cat is inside .
The door is open.
My TV is great and the screen is thin.
The walls are white and terracotta
A table with two TV controls .
There are two floors.
The door is open.
The floor is beige.


There is a table and two TV controls .
The wall has the flag of Mexico .
The sofa bed is large and comfortable .
This plant is very nice .
It is close to the dining room .

The walls and floor of the bathroom are beige .
The toilet and washing hands are also beige .
The towel is red .
The table is white .

The kitchen is beige and small
The furnishings are cafes.
refrigerator , microwave and mixer are silver.
The stove is black .
The toaster sandwich and are white .
The apartment has three bedrooms.
The master bedroom has a large bed.
The second bedroom has clothes.
In the third room is the cat.
The rooms have a terracotta wall .

This is the dining room.
The table is glass.
It has four seats.
The computer is on the table.
The table is near the dining room .
The phone is on the table .
The ornaments are wooden table .
This is the courtyard.
In the courtyard is the washing machine.
There is the laundry.
In the courtyard there is a white window.